Implementation of the whole service

turnkey from scratch

All architecture, integrations with insurance companies, all technical know-how have been developed and invented. The customer simply said that he wants such a service.

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01. E-insurance aggregator

Insapp, a new generation aggregator - buying policies in 1 click. The user enters his data 1 time, the system makes requests to 20 insurance companies and offers to buy an electronic policy in real time online. The policy comes to the post office and can be downloaded from the website. The system is based on a powerful engine that processes 20 different services on the fly with its own architecture.

02. Interface

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03. Key Features

The results are drawn in real time while the system is waiting for a response from the insurance company, the cards are rendered in a modern light style.


04. Minimum times

According to the car number, the system pulls up all the data necessary for insurance. Thus, the user needs a minimum of time to purchase a policy. Data is obtained from 3 systems, including the official network of Moscow "Autocode".


05. Widgets

This is a full-fledged service that can be placed on the partner's website. The development of the service helped increase B2B sales through top sites andautomotive topics.

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We pioneered a new approach to online insurance. It takes up to 3 minutes to agree on a policy, and at the stage of purchase, the insurance company may refuse. Clients had to repeat an attempt to buy a policy several times, the process dragged on for up to half an hour, clients refused after several attempts. We have shifted the policy approval process, as soon as the client has entered all the necessary data, the policy approval process takes place in all insurance companies. If the selected insurance company refused, the client does not need to wait any longer, it is enough to choose the insurance company in which the policy has already been approved. This allowed us to increase the conversion of the product in relation to the market by 4.5 times!

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