Over 15 years of work, we have collected expertise in solving the widest range of tasks

  • Product Analytics
  • Developing a project from scratch
  • Support for legacy projects
  • Website and interface design
  • Back-end programming
  • Front-end programming
  • Release Management
  • SLA performance maintenance
  • Infrastructure Maintenance, CI/CD
  • Manual and automated testing (QA)
  • Internet marketing, SEO and BI analytics
  • Copywriting and content management
Product analytics is the foundation of any quality project. Insufficient analysis and development of requirements is a bottleneck in almost all products.

Our important advantage is that we do not do work to the detriment of the product, this is why we are valued as professionals.
Most of our competitors try to specialize in some particular expertise: only design or only programming. To perform work not covered by their own efforts, they have to turn to contractors, communications and timing are disrupted.

We see the project as a whole from technical documentation to support of the finished product and develop it with our own team in strict accordance with the estimate and deadlines.
Supporting already developed projects is a particularly difficult task. We often receive legacy projects without documentation on self-written solutions left by other developers.

Special professionalism is the ability to put things in order and structure the project, leaving behind both the work done and the system that is easy to maintain.
Design is our passion. Modern design should, first of all, facilitate the dialogue between the business and the client, making it as easy as possible to interact with the site or application.

Our designers have won numerous awards in the field of design. Our principled position is that the client should be delighted with the design of his project.
Back-end development is responsible for the logic of the site or application. In our state, programmers are at least Middle+ in PHP and C#.

We write on Symfony, Laravel, Yii, Bitrix, ASP.NET, Unity frameworks, we use most modern CMS and databases.

We have expertise in the development of high-load projects with traffic up to 1 million visitors per day. We work with complex web solutions every day.
Front-end development animates the interface and is responsible for the visual reflection of the design in the browser. Most often, it is by the Front-end that the quality and convenience of working with the site are judged.

We provide full adaptive cross-browser layout, including support for older versions of IE browsers. We are particularly proud of our expertise in the React.JS and VueJS reactive stack.
RegulationsA streamlined product development and delivery process is an important part of modern IT solutions. We build development processes from scratch and help to adapt current ones to optimize the quality and speed of teams.

The release manager functions in this process help ensure that only reviewed and tested code gets into production.
With the development of any project, the number of points of failure increases, which, if insufficiently attended to, turn into incidents that affect the performance of the system and business profits.

We often support projects, eliminating how infrastructure incidents, hacker and DDoS attacks and website errors. The response time (SLA) is specified in the contract.
Modern websites and apps are far more than just development. The standard today is the use of cloud technologies, orchestration and containerization systems using CI / CD methodologies for continuous code delivery.

Setting up and maintaining such systems is an important expertise that distinguishes us from most development companies that do not have full-time DevOps and system administrators.
When implementing complex tasks, developers may not notice how their code has affected adjacent functionality.

That is why we provide a full product testing cycle, including writing automated tests. Carrying out load testing allows you to plan the optimization of the site to work under high loads.
One ​​of the key aspects of the success of an Internet project is traffic and conversion. Among the classic methods of getting traffic on the web are search engine optimization (SEO), development in social networks (SMM), setting up contextual advertising (PPC).

Since 2006, we have been a company focused on performance-marketing . We cover the entire range of tasks in Internet marketing, including the construction of complex systems of end-to-end analytics (business intelligence). The development department always takes into account the recommendations of the marketing department so that projects receive maximum traffic.
Often there is a need not to develop, but to fill sites, provide information support.

Quality texts and informational materials are the basis of a dialogue with a client. We implement such tasks at a high level by full-time copywriters and content managers.
We implement any work on your site
From functional improvements to building a fault-tolerant infrastructure and protection against hacker threats.

Working with a wide stack of technologies

We are fluent in PHP, C# and Symfony, Laravel, Yii, ASP.NET, CMS Bitrix, Wordpress, Drupal frameworks, quickly understand Legacy and self-written engines.
On the front-end we use VueJS and ReactJS, we adhere to all modern standards. We build microservice and container architecture based on Docker, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm. We set up CI/CD processes using Gitlab CI/CD, Jenkins and other modern solutions.
Back-end development
PHP Symfony Bitrix C# ASP.NET NodeJS Bitrix24
Front-end development
ReactJS Vue.JS Gulp webpack
DevOps and infrastructure
Docker Docker Swarm Kubernetes
QA testing
Manual testing Selenium Unit tests К6
UX/UI design
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