We are engaged in product development and supporting websites and applications since 2006

Digital agencies use their own brand, sell large contracts and sign works with their own name. In the overwhelming majority of cases, having no expertise to sell these products, they turn to production, essentially acting as an agent and reselling the contract.

We are a production company. Staying in the background, we do the most difficult work without claiming our authorship.
It is with our hands that projects are made that are published in the portfolio of our partners.

For 15 years Triada has implemented:

Hundreds of projects in various industries
We solved impossible problems, implemented incredible solutions, changed markets with our products
Implemented turnkey market leading projects
Participated in the development and development of leading projects by separate expertise

Thinking about the product

We are known for and especially proud of our product approach, which distinguishes us from dozens of leading competitors
First of all, we think about the client's product, offering non-trivial solutions to make it better for customers and more convenient for business every day. More than often, the initial statement of the task is disastrous for the project, so we consider it our duty to tell the client how to implement this or that business task with the maximum result. Our employees are ideological, love their projects and think about their improvement every day.

Expertise and people

Each of our employees means dozens and hundreds of interviews, months of hunting, strict selection
Everyone is a fighter, and together they are development special forces. We are looking for professionals who share our values. This is the only way to achieve quality.
By assembling the dream team, we close the full cycle of project development and maintenance tasks
Analytics Design Layout Frontend and Backend development Testing Deploy Infrastructure maintenance
Having on board expertise in marketing and SEO (search engine optimization), we know how to make an initially high-quality product, sharpened for high conversion. One of the first in Russia to gain expertise in building end-to-end BI analytics. You can and should speak with us in the language of business, conversion, KPI.

Convenient work format

We offer both turnkey project development and implementation of individual tasks
Many companies outsource our specialists as a whole or in addition to their development team to scale development or expand expertise. We also successfully support projects according to SLA, providing instant connection to incidents. We are flexible in interaction, our rates are transparent, communications are direct - working with us is like having your own staff without the problems that accompany it.

Any questions?

Let's meet on Google Meet/Zoom or come to your office to discuss your future project